Say how you really feel

Send anonymous emails to friends, crushes, co workers or bosses about how you really feel and surprise them.

What is Chirp?

Chirp is an anonymous email service that lets you send emails to people while keeping your identity a secret. The idea behind chirp is to spread positivity, kindness and surprise. Chirp is all about making peoples day brighter.

We built Chirp under 24 hours while we were on our team retreat in Bangkok. We wanted to build a product as quickly as possible. When we were brainstorming a few ideas, Chirp seemed like an interesting project to work on. And then we saw a little sparrow sitting on our balcony so we decided to all this Chirp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chirp store any personal details?

Is it truly anonymous?

How do I know if the recipient received my message?

Does Chirp sell any user data?

Why is this website called Experimental?

Who built Chirp?